Jeet Kune Do is the undisputed pioneer in the martial arts self defense arena, and Word JKD is the leader in Jeet Kune Do Video training and ranking. Our JKD video DVD ranking and teaching system is the international sales leader. The Jeet Kune do videos are designed to give you the exact experience of being in a private lesson with our master instructor Carter Hargrave the second generation instructor from the famous Bruce Lee School in California.
Here you will find Jeet Kune Do Information on teachers, schools, and instructors worldwide.

Each one of our eleven Jeet Kune Do videos is focused on training you for a specific ranking level. This way you actually learn JKD instead of having a bunch of moves thrown at you with no relevance like so many videos on the market today. All tapes are made by real Certified Instructors who know how to teach JKD and know how to make you advance in ranking and knowledge in the fastest time possible. We certify Jun Fan Kung Fu Schools worldwide, so you know when you see the World Jeet Kune Do Federation Certificate that you are getting the best Bruce Lee system training available. So join us and become a member and support the art. We will then help you with your Jeet Kune Do education either with our JKD Video Training and Ranking Program, or help you find a Certified School in your area. 

The Jeet Kune Do Federation offers Student, Instructor, Apprentice Instructor, rank testing and School Certifications to individuals Worldwide. You dont have to have martial arts experience to start on the path of the Way of the Intercepting Fist, and with our program you train at your own pace competing against no one but yourself in your quest for ultimate self defense.
Our mission is that you will without a doubt find our rare teaching and information a valuable part of your journey in Jeet Kune Do, and that being a member and supporter of the art of the worlds most famous martial artist will make a huge difference in your life, and at last you have found a place where you belong. We help you cut through the confusion and misinformation surrounding the art and find the real Jeet Kune Do.